Saturday, December 14, 2013

the cure for Christmas fatigue

Sit down awhile friend.
Pull up a chair, make yourself a cuppa.
Put away your to-do list for five minutes.
Breathe deeply.
And again.
Roll your shoulders.
Breathe again.

I just wanted to say......

and to remind you to.....

The hard work has been done.
It's the waiting, living, surviving, loving work that we need to carry out.
It's all icing on a cake which is already quite beautiful and abundant all by itself.
No Christmas decoration, festive table or abundance of presents will ever even slightly compare with the greatest gift of all and the promise of our eternal future.
If we keep our eyes on our Eternal Hope, the imperfections and shortcomings of our earthly life fade into the background.

So, keep calm.
Love came down.
Jesus, with us.

Here's some links to encourage you in the next couple of weeks:

A devotion on Christmas and how every Christmas miracle begins with a change of direction - just like Mary turning towards Bethlehem. 

At the same blog...."When Christmas Stretches You".  I've shared this before, but it's worth revisiting.

Another website worth visiting for encouragement is "The Art of Simple".  Tsh Oxenrider has a whole Christmas series this month that I'm sure you'll find encouraging.  Go visit.  You'll be blessed:)

Love Meredy xo

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